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When you are looking for practical guidance and encouragement around a specific business area, our eBooks offer both. We discuss the common barriers and challenges, and the flip side, the opportunity and gift of that particular challenge area. Case studies from our coaching clients illustrate how others have successfully addressed the issues. Checklists help you assess where you are now so that you can decide where to put your attention next. Worksheets give you a place to organize your thoughts and actions. Plus, they’re a great way to give us a test drive. If you ever need one-on-one time with us, let us know!

Align Your Actions with Your Priorities

Whether you are new in business, or have been playing the game for a while, everything starts with your Vision. Whenever you feel out of alignment, or frustrated by your progress, your vision and supporting structures will help you get back on track.  These eBooks are “evergreen.” You can return to them any time you need to step back and see the big picture once again.

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Going On A Vision Quest.

Where Heart and Mind Meet

Creating a clear vision for your business has long been an integral part of the traditional business plan process. A vision born from the will of your heart keeps the flames burning when things get tough.

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Planning and Goals.

The Good, the Bad, and the Effective

The best goals are the ones that delight you. They delight you because it would be a real win to achieve them and you’d have fun taking the actions along the way.

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Valuing Your Services.

It’s About Results, Not Time

Some service providers charge thousands of dollars to work with them, others only a few hundred. Is there a real value difference between the two, and if so what is it?

Make Friends with Marketing

When you’re in business for yourself, marketing is part of the deal. Knowing how to market your services and understanding what is best for you and your business? It’s one of the biggest challenges for the heart-centered entrepreneur. Our eBooks educate, empower and guide you towards approaches that will work well for you, that you might actually enjoy!

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All Roads Lead To Follow-up.

Design a People-Friendly System for Staying In Touch

This eBook addresses the most common challenges of the sales cycle and guides you towards creating your human-centric follow-up system.

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Dare To Be Selective.

You Can’t Be All Things to All People and Win

Many people start their service business quite willing to accept just about anybody who will pay them. Some people say they’ll be selective later, once they’re up and running. We say get selective sooner!

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From the First Conversation to Closing the Sale.

Stop Selling, Start Leading

In this eBook, you will learn a proven method for how to communicate with prospective clients all the way through the sales process.

Building Your Team

When you’re just starting out it might make sense to do most things yourself. However, if you wait too long to invite others to your team you’re likely to find yourself spending hours on activities and projects that drain your energy, thus limiting your ability to grow. Our eBooks will help you think through the important decisions, and with gentle encouragement show you how to select the best people and empower their success.

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Delegation Essentials.

P.E.D.A.F. – 5 Letters That Can Transform Your Results

You know that mantra that runs in your head, “It’s just easier to do it myself?” Sometimes it’s true… usually it’s not.

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How Will You Grow?

Four Ways To Build Your Team

Once you’ve decided to build your team, it is time to decide if you should hire employees or independent contractors, or partner with others with a complementary mission.

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Effective Interview Planning.

The Fine Art of Asking the Questions that Matter

Experience shows that when it comes to interviewing, most people wing it. If you are desperate to fill a position, or find a partner, you run the risk of sacrificing a quality engagement.