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All Roads Lead To Follow Up

Design a People-Friendly System for Staying In Touch

In many ways, successful marketing is a numbers game. When you’re offering a service you care deeply about, it can feel disheartening to think of it this way. After all, we serve people not numbers. Nonetheless, it pays to understand the numbers so that you don’t stop engaging with prospective clients too soon, which most people do. They give up after the first or second “no” and end up in a cycle of frustration, wondering why no one is buying.

Because this very essential relationship building phase is highly misunderstood, people either want to plow right through it and get to the “sales conversation,” (often too early) or they don’t do anything at all. They give up before they get started and miss a lot of opportunities.

All Roads Lead to Follow Up addresses the most common challenges and guides you towards creating your human-centric follow-up system.

You’ll learn:

  • Why follow-up is challenging, and how to shift your thinking about it.
  • How to design your follow-up system, not the kind that pesters people, but the kind that serves them and builds trust gracefully, gradually and naturally over time.

This eBook includes a Follow-Up Assessment Worksheet so you can see what you are doing well, and what other means of follow-up would support your efforts.

  • How to tap the 3 essentials for any service business: the “know,” “like” and “trust” factors
  • What to do and say if someone asks you about your services in a casual conversation
  • How to connect with interested people after a speaking engagement
  • How to create relationships beyond your Social Media platform
  • What to say and do at a networking event, and what not to do