Delegation Essentials

P.E.D.A.F. – 5 Letters That Can Transform Your Results

You know that mantra that runs in your head, “It’s just easier to do it myself?” Sometimes it’s true… usually it’s not.

In Delegation Essentials, I will teach you the 5 steps required to ensure that the people on your team are empowered to carry out the tasks to your standards. It takes a little longer than many people would like, but I assure you that with these 5 steps your efforts will be worth your while, and your chances of success will increase significantly.

The eBook includes a one-page Delegation “cheat sheet” and a Delegation Planning Worksheet to help you get clear on your reasons for delegating (you need to understand your why), what you are looking for in the person you’ve selected, and what you need to gather before you start training someone on a particular project or task.

In a gradual, patient, and orderly manner allow those people to succeed so you can let go.