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Effective Interview Planning

The Fine Art of Asking the Questions that Matter

Experience shows that when it comes to interviewing, most people wing it. As with delegation, you may want to rush through the interview process rather than take the time (it’s always time, isn’t it?) to think through your requirements and thoroughly interview enough candidates until you find the best person for your needs.

If you are desperate to fill a position, or find a partner, you run the risk of sacrificing a quality engagement. This never works out in the long run. It pays to take the time to find the right people for your team, however you are growing it.

The Effective Interview Planning eBook will guide you through the steps to develop the profile for what you require, and help you develop an effective, smooth, interviewing – and decision-making – process.

You’ll be introduced to the “Can Do, Will Do, and Fit” strategy for interviewing, an objective, systematic approach by which to select—and eliminate—candidates for the roles you seek to fill.

Using the can-do/will-do/fit evaluation method, the following 4 questions are addressed:

  • Ability to do the work (can do)
  • Interest in doing the work (will do)
  • Ability to adjust to the work environment (fit)
  • Potential for future growth (all 3)

Each person you hire is more likely to be successful because he or she is more likely to be the right person for the job. No more fumbling through, wondering if you’re asking the right questions. Instead, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your approach is sound and it’s only matter of time.

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