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How Will You Grow?

Four Ways To Build Your Team

Once you’ve decided to build your team, it is time to decide if you should hire employees or independent contractors, or partner with others with a complementary mission. Depending on the functions or tasks you’ve decided to delegate or outsource, this can be an easy decision, or one that requires some long-term strategic considerations.

  1. What is your long-term vision? For yourself, for your company?
  2. What is the best organizational structure for long-term growth?
  3. What level of ongoing freedom (or mobility) do you want?

When possible, your hiring decisions today should align with your long-term vision and goals, and how you most prefer to work.

Four Ways to Build Your Team

The How Will You Grow eBook walks you through these essential questions, and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the most common ways to bring people into your team:

  • W2 Employees (remote workers vs onsite)
  • Subcontractors and Consultants
  • Strategic Alliances with other Service Businesses or Consultants
  • Virtual Assistants – what are they and how can you use one?

While it doesn’t replace the advice of a CPA or Human Resource Advisor, it will help you think about the questions you need to answer so that you are ready to have an informed discussion when the time comes.

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