Valuing Your Services

It’s About Results, Not Time

Some service providers charge thousands of dollars to work with them, others only a few hundred. Is there a real value difference between the two, and if so what is it? Regardless of the answer, if you’re not charging enough you may not be taken seriously by the people you most want to work with.  How do you know what to charge and how do your prospects and clients measure value?

  • Can you articulate the value of you offer(s) to your clients and customers?
  • Do you believe in the value?
  • Do your clients/customers believe in the value and will they pay for it?

Valuing Your Services offers practical guidance for this often challenging decision. Whether you’re new in business, or you’re wondering if it’s time to raise your fees, it will help you think about how you’re viewing the value of your offer.

You’ll be introduced to:

  • 3 basic measurements clients use to value your services
  • How to make the shift from time-for-money to fee-for-results pricing.
  • 5 reasons to raise your rates or fees, why and when
  • Timing – how and when to raise your rates
  • Guidance about what to do about current clients

What you believe you can charge is the biggest single factor in what you can charge. This eBook is meant to empower you to stand confidently in your decisions.