Your dreams, values and the way you do business are at the heart of Grow Up Your Business. It is for this reason that we encourage you to take a some time to revisit your vision before launching into action.

The Journey

Making your living doing the work you were born to do – your “life’s work” – takes the discipline of a dedicated master because, when all is said and done, it must be put to work in the physical world in which we live. Talking about it and thinking about it are much easier than actually making it happen. By their very nature our thoughts are a much more fluid form of energy. When you put your vision to work you literally move it from the ethereal quality of your imagination to the dense matter that makes up the world.

The day you decided, “Okay, this is it, I’m going to figure it out and I’m going to do it,” you entered the hero’s journey. As you know from mythology, the hero’s journey seems to necessitate a period of darkness, a psychological tunnel of sorts. And so it can be a lonely journey. You may become frustrated; the obstacles can seem insurmountable. You may become impatient and feel like giving up. Unfortunately for the world, many people do.

Implementing your vision could be equated to learning to walk. You get up; you fall down; get up, fall down and get up. I encourage you to give yourself the same compassion that you would give to a baby who is learning to walk.  Encouragement, praise, applause, laughter and forgiveness are all important when commitment, tears, frustration and failure meet you along the way.

In my experience, no matter where someone is in the journey, the single most important piece of the puzzle is a clear sense of your vision. 

Not only that, your vision must inspire you so that in those moments when doubts, fears, circumstances and nay-sayers step in to test your commitment, your vision will bring you back to center. For this reason, we start with your Vision. Even if you’ve done this work before, your vision is either deepened or altered by recent experiences and can benefit from a revisit, if only to validate their continued “trueness.”

Time for a Vision Quest?

Before you create your plans and goals, it might be worthwhile to revisit your vision for your business and your life. Before you make decisions about how you grow your team, it would be good to understand your income goals and your lifestyle needs. You can’t know what the steps to growth are before you have a sense of your direction.

If You Get a Yes…

Vision QuestWe’re offering you a free eBook, which includes both business and lifestyle questions that you might not have considered initially. You’ll have access to an audio recording with the same questions so that you can consider your responses in a relaxed, closed eyes process, before getting things down on paper. Would you like to check it out? To download your copy, click here.