It should be easy, shouldn’t it? You dream, you imagine, you picture what your life would be like if it were completely up to you. The search for purpose and meaning is ongoing. The ability to maintain a connection to it is often excruciatingly difficult.

Steven Pressfield, author of “The War of Art,” says that the closer you get to your passion and your purpose the greater your resistance becomes. It seems backward, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t the obstacles and fears melt away once you stand face-to-face with your greatest dreams? No, apparently not.

What comes to greet you instead?

That’s stupid.
That’s not possible.
I can’t because…
What will they think of me if I do that?
That’s miles away from what I’m doing now.
Who really cares about that?
I’m not _____________ enough.
Not in this economy!

A friend who has an inkling of what she would really like to do – and not do anymore – uncovered a truly sneaky thought that she suspected might be a voice for her resistance. “That sounds boring. I don’t think I want to do that.” We agree it sounded a lot like a reject-them-before-they-reject-me response.

As elusive as purpose and passion can be, they are the fodder for a well-lived life and satisfaction at work. NOTHING is out of reach if it’s aligned with who you are or what you want to experience in your life. As hard as purpose can be to identify at times, and hold onto at others, I say love what you want. When you love what you want you love who you are.