Make Friends With Marketing


When you’re in business for yourself, marketing is part of the deal. Knowing how to market your services and understanding what is best for you and your business? There are many options for how best to approach marketing, and a lot of people selling THEIR programs that they guarantee will work for you. We’ve been exposed to many of them.

If you are lost in the ever-growing cacophony of talking heads, and just want to figure out what YOU need to do, we have the resources to guide you. We can walk you through basic marketing approaches, help you figure out what would work for you, and show you how to design an action plan that you might actually enjoy! Our approach creates order out of chaos, simplifies the complex and helps you focus your efforts.

Marketing eBooks

Looking for More Hands-on Marketing Help?

We also offer one-on-one marketing consulting and can provide anything from crafting an integrated marketing strategy to execution of an existing marketing plan, including website, content marketing, lead-generation and much more.