Work Inside Your Sweet Spot:  The Freedom Plan Method

The Visual Workflow Planner is a powerful organizing tool for service business owners who are juggling multiple priorities – business and personal – and are working hard to stay afloat.

Imagine worrying less about what you are not doing, confident that what you are doing is exactly what needs doing.

Imagine the sense of inner peace that comes from knowing that what matters most to You is getting your attention.

Visual Workflow Planner

These are just a few of the shifts you can count on with your customized Visual Workflow Planner.

How about getting home each evening “in time for dinner?”

How about increased profitability?

More time for self-care and loved ones – including yourself!

And you know those projects you really want to get to, but never seem able to? Those too.

What if all of this could be accomplished by syncing up your high priorities projects – business and personal – with the natural ebb and flow of your energy? No more pushing yourself to exhaustion.

This is not a one-size fits all scheduling plan.

I’ll guide you through my 5-step process to figure out how to engage your best and most favored talents in service of your business. I refer to this as your “essential role” or roles.

You’ll spend far less time and energy on activities and projects that drain your energy, or keep your from your True Work. What’s more, you’ll figure out how to schedule your projects during the time you have available for work.

“Joan, I love it! Your workbook is well-written, easy to follow, and incredibly useful to any overworked entrepreneur. I will be honored to recommend it to my clients and site visitors.” — C.J. Hayden, MCC, author of Get Clients Now!

Why Might You Need This?

  • You started your business with an inspired vision but the vision is not measuring up to reality …
  • You like the freedom of setting your own schedule but you find yourself bouncing around in reaction to external demands …
  • At the end of a full day you’re tired, but are not particularly satisfied with your results …
  • Boundaries are a challenge for you. It’s hard to establish and “enforce” them …
  • You’ve forgotten what you like to do for fun. Self care? Yeah, right …
  • You are secretly afraid you’ll have to get J.O.B. if things don’t get better soon …

You’re not alone:

I have been coaching independent service business owners, managers and small business teams since early 2001. Universally, my clients are dedicated, big-hearted people with a clear vision for the difference they want to make in the world. They are also Introverted in nature. There are real limits to their energy, and they really do need downtime.

You might be thinking, finally, a system that will support me in getting more done in less time. This is not that!

“The Visual Workflow Planner continues to be a helpful tool for me as I think through my competing goals and try to be more realistic about what’s sustainable.” Owner, fee-only financial planning firm

Work inside your Sweet Spot … Get the Essential Things Done with Ease

  • Learn why it is important to consistently engage your most favored skills/talents in your daily business life.
  • Determine your Essential Role(s) in the business.
  • Make sure that you accurately account for your personal commitments when making business plans.
  • Work in sync with the natural ebb and flow of your energy on a typical day.

“I can’t say enough good things about Joan and her Visual Workflow Planner. As a Coach and Sole Proprietor, [this] is the only tool I’ve found that allowed me to organize all my business and personal life activities to increase my productivity and improve my results. Thank you for your follow up and awesome calendar!”  ~ Mike Brenhaug, BlueRock Coaching, CA

A Targeted Coaching Program

Here’s what you get with this targeted coaching engagement:

  • 2 strategy meetings with me during which we’ll talk about your business – and personal – priorities, so that we can co-create the first draft of your Visual Workflow Plan.
  • I’ll review your draft Workflow plan and I’ll stay with you through the implementation process. Any adjustments that need to be made will be ironed out as you begin to implement the plan.
  • An eBook with guidance about how think about your priorities through very specific filters, and worksheets to help you develop your custom Visual Workflow Plan.

Interested? Schedule a 30-minute exploratory meeting by filling out the form below. I’ll answer your questions and together we’ll determine if the Visual Workflow Planner is a good fit for your needs.