Ten years ago I was writing about email as one of the big time sucks, especially in light of the research that indicated that frequent email interruptions have a negative impact on one’s IQ (intelligence quotient). Now, not only do we have email, we have Social Media, texting at all times of day and night, and a myriad of events in the world vying for our attention. 

In the face of all this “noise” it is becoming increasingly important to be clear on what matters most to you, what you do and don’t need to be involved with, as well as what IS your business, and what is NOT your business.

In this video, “Your Business, Not your Business,” I invoke a time-tested model of prioritization created by the late Stephen Covey, author of the “7 Habits of Highly Successful People,” as a means to discuss navigating these complexities. As you watch the video, I invite you to consider how you navigate that which truly matters to you, and that which doesn’t. 


Ask yourself, “What are my priorities, my ‘big rocks?'”

Think about how much time and energy do you give to your priorities compared to the time and attention you give to projects and activities that are far less impactful or important?

It is easy to identify the obvious distractions. It’s more challenging to identify the projects and activities that are important or urgent to someone, but perhaps less important to you.

If you have time and inclination to watch, below the first video is a short 90 second clip about something that I had to grapple with when contemplating attendance at an “important and urgent” (urgent = time sensitive) meeting on something that is likely to impact the economy and living environment of residents of West Sedona.