When it comes to productivity and effectiveness, less is better.

The less you carry around in your head, the less you task yourself with “doing,” the more you can Focus on What is Most Important.

You’ve got projects and tasks to manage, and you’ve got only so many hours in a day to accomplish things. Do you try to get “everything done” or do you filter that long list and whittle it down to what really matters?

When it comes down to it, there are 4 ways to take care of what you “have to do.”

1. Schedule It: Get it out of your head and onto your calendar. If it’s important to you give it a time and a place. Done!

2. Negotiate: Don’t have the resources or time at this moment? Be honest about it. Ask for an extension if others are involved, or simply postpone action.

3. Delegate: To someone with the skills and the time. Or to “the Universe.” Who says you have to do everything?

4. Eliminate: You know those things that you never seem to get to? Ask yourself, does it truly matter?

Yes? Go back to number 1, Schedule it, even if to a future date.

No? Take it off your list completely.  Let it go. Bye, finite, gone.

Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed?

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